"The people at Optimal Hospice were patient and caring. With their help, Dave was comfortable at home with loved ones."

Marty Butt, Family Member
Bakersfield, CA

Optimal Hospice Foundation


The Process/Getting Started

Physicians or other medical professionals often refer patients to hospice, but families can also contact hospice directly to determine if this care best meets their needs.  Remember, there is no reason to delay requesting information.

When a person calls Optimal Hospice Care, our team of professionals will further explain the services, contact the primary physician, determine eligibility and coordinate any necessary arrangements.

Important Things To Know About Starting Hospice

1)  When starting hospice, patients do not have to change physicians.  The hospice team will work with the patient's personal physician to plan care

2)  Patients can stop receiving hospice care at any time with no penalty.  For example, if prognosis improves or a new curative treatment is available, care can be discontinued and started again at a later date, provided the physician determines the patient is still medically appropriate.

3)  Although the common prognosis is six months, there is no limit on the number of days a patient can receive hospice.  As long as the primary physician  and hospice medical director say the patient is eligible, the patient can receive services.

4)  Hospice provides care to patients who live at home, but also assisted living facilities and nursing homes by combining their expertise in symptom management and counseling with the facilities expertise in long term care to provide the highest level of care for the patient and family.

For more information or to start hospice care, call your local Optimal Hospice Care office.  All of our office locations and phone numbers can be found on this website under the Locations tab.



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