"The people at Optimal Hospice were patient and caring. With their help, Dave was comfortable at home with loved ones."

Marty Butt, Family Member
Bakersfield, CA

Optimal Hospice Foundation


Mission & Values



As a team, we combine compassion with the art and science of medicine to help patients and families live life to its fullest.


While we strive to demonstrate many positive qualities, we hold the following among our highest priorities:

  • Candor - We recognize that we can solve our problems most effectively when we are honest and open about the underlying facts, and that motivates us to be willing to be candid and constructively bring problems and difficult issues to appropriate supervisors or team members.  In addition, we also appreciate honest feedback that allows us to improve our own effectiveness.
  • Can-do Spirit - We strive to react instinctively to challenges by finding a way to accomplish a goal rather than looking for reasons it cannot be accomplished.  We recognize that may mean looking for creative ways to accomplish the desired outcome that may be different than our usual processes.
  • Teamwork - We recognize that we can accomplish much more by working well together than any of us can accomplish working alone and that drives us to interact with our teammates in a way that makes them appreciate being on the Optimal Team.
  • Respect - We believe that every person we interact with deserves to be treated with consideration and respect, even when we disagree with their views or actions.



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